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Demographics of Tajikistan

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Demographics of Tajikistan Empty Demographics of Tajikistan

Bài gửi  kosovohp on Sun Nov 07, 2010 10:26 pm

Tajikistan has a population of 7,349,145 (July 2009 est.).[4] Tajiks who speak the Tajik language (a variety of Persian) are the main ethnic group, although there is a sizable minority of Uzbeks and Russians, whose numbers are declining due to emigration.[51] In 1989, ethnic Russians made up 7.6% of the population.[52] The Pamiris of Badakhshan are considered to belong to the larger group of Tajiks. All citizens of Tajikistan are called Tajikistanis.[4]

The official and vernacular language of Tajikistan is Tajik although Russian is routinely used in business and communicartion. Despite a recent law banning it from official use[53], the Constitution keeps mentionning Russian as the "language for interethnic communication"[54].

Despite its poverty, Tajikistan has a high rate of literacy with an estimated 99.5% of the population having the ability to read and write.[4] The majority of the population follow Sunni Islam. There is also a sizeable minority of Ismailis.

Bukharan Jews had lived in Tajikistan since the 2nd century BC, but today almost none are left. There is also a small population of Yaghnobi people who have lived in the mountainous district of Sughd Viloyat for many centuries. The German population in Tajikistan was 38,853 in 1979.[55] Nearly one million Tajik men worked abroad in 2009.

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